Providing our residents “Compassionate Care with Heart”.

What is supportive living?

Supportive living provides an alternative solution to the growing need for affordable housing for today’s seniors 65 or better who does not need a nursing home but could benefit from a little extra help.

What is the difference between assisted living and supportive living?

The main difference between assisted living and supportive living is money. Whereas assisted living is strictly private pay, we accept Medicaid. Supportive living is designed to offer residents who qualify, the opportunity to pay through a combination of their own social security income and Medicaid benefits when unable to pay privately. Furthermore, this also means once you have exhausted all your funds, you do not have to leave your home. Call us today and ask us how a spouse who is still living at home in the community can keep the income and resources to survive.

What are the benefits to supportive living?

Residents have the luxury of living in an apartment independently, being self-sufficient as long as possible while still having nursing care and other supportive services as needed.

What is included in supportive living?

Residents have their own private apartment, three meals a day plus snacks, housekeeping and laundry services (if needed), social interaction, health and wellness activities for heart, mind and body, medication assistance, assistance with setting up transportation, and so much more.

Can I qualify for supportive living?

If you are 65 or better and have a need such as help with medications, meal preparations, housekeeping or laundry assistance you may qualify. Every possible admission undergoes a pre-admission screening to see if you qualify.

How do I get started with the process?

Call today and schedule a tour or drop by. We can discuss the services offered and what your individual needs are. No application fee, no deposit needed to get started

I still drive, can I bring my car?

Absolutely, residents can come and go freely, this is your home. There are no reserved parking spaces nor additional costs.