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Affordable Living for Seniors in a Caring Environment
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Welcome to our Facility

Best Supportive Living Facility in Peoria - St Francis Woods Upon entering through our doors, you will immediately feel a sense of home. From our homelike décor to the smiling faces that are there to greet you, you can’t help but feel the love and compassion that is surrounding you. As a resident of St. Francis Woods, the level of care that you will get to experience, embraces compassion and dignity. From the scenic landscaping, the woods, and wildlife, to the convenient location situated near many shopping and dining options, St. Francis Woods offers the full package of care for heart, body, soul, and mind. Our exceptional care/support and financial assistance makes us your number one choice.

Our Mission

Affordable Living for Seniors in a caring Environment

Beautiful Scenery

Located on a scenic, forested, seven-acre campus in Peoria, Illinois, St. Francis Woods is a state-certified Supportive Living Facility providing high-quality senior living care as an alternative to nursing homes. As a member of the Illinois Supportive Living Program, we provide comprehensive personalized care for low-income seniors under Medicaid. Our campus features 92 private rooms for residents as well as a spacious dining hall, onsite chapel, and community spaces including a living room, multiple activity rooms, and a sun room complete with a charming aviary enclosure. 

St. Francis Woods is a beautiful, well-kept facility that you or your loved ones will feel safe and comfortable living at. Our residents enjoy the pleasant atmosphere that we provide for them with the ease of mind of help and company available to them at all times.

Independent Supportive Living

At St. Francis Woods, our goal is to provide a high level of care and assistance while promoting an independent and active lifestyle for our residents. We work closely with each resident and their family to ensure that they receive care that is personalized to their individual needs. We provide daily assistance and services designed to facilitate autonomy and personal choice, encouraging our residents to lead full and rewarding lives just as if they were in their own homes.

We have our residents freedom and dignity in mind in our facilities, which sets us apart from other supportive living facilities. We look at St. Francis Woods as an opportunity to care for our residents without constraining their lifestyle. Top quality support for us means independence, while also being responsible for our residents health and happiness. 

Attentive Staff

The services provided at St. Francis Woods centers around our experienced and highly trained staff, which includes a registered nurse, licensed practical nurses, and nursing assistants who are certified to handle all the daily care your loved one may need with decades of experience.  Our administrator is a licensed nursing home administrator with the state of Illinois, with 23 years of experience we believe that trust is the foundation of senior living care, and we work to build personal relationships with each of our residents.

Our staff are not only highly trained for the medical needs for our residents, but also have a friendly and warm way of caring for them. It is our priority here to create a positive environment for our guests to keep smiles on their faces every day. Our care staff are not only there to help with the daily needs of our residents, but to be a part of our community as well.