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Health & Lifestyle at St. Francis Woods

Dietary Amenities

We provide three freshly-prepared meals per day for our residents and three snacks per day between meal times.  We also provide an "always available" menu with alternate items that can be substituted for any meal on the menu.  This helps us accommodate residents with varying tastes. It also allows options for our residents who may be adhering to a specialized diet.

Example Menu


Socialization & Activities

Lifestyle Socialization Supportive Living St Francis Woods | St. Francis Woods St. Francis Woods believes in the power of socialization for our residents, not only for mental acuity, but also for overall health. We care about the well-being of our residents. Research has indicated that being around others increases brain function, speed, and memory.

We provide our residents with opportunities to be a part of our weekly and monthly activities within the facility and outside the facility in Peoria. Activities include visiting the zoo and going to local shops and restaurants. Aside from these activities, residents also have the ability to leave our facility whenever they choose. If they feel like grocery shopping on their own or going out to lunch with friends and family, we do not limit their freedom. 

We also have a resident council that lets our residents vote and choose what activities and types of meals they would like, giving your loved ones the freedom of choice and dignity they so deserve.